Walkabout Deluxe detects Byzantine coins

Walkabout Deluxe detects Byzantine coins

Dedektör Rover Deluxe (2003-2009)
Bölge: Türkiye

Byzantine Follis: Ancient Currency Revealed

By using the metal detector Walkabout Deluxe, comparable with the current device Rover Deluxe, a collection of Byzantine coins has been discovered. The coins were in an excellent condition because they were embedded in a small pottery.

byzantine Coins
Byzantine Coins

The left coin is a so-called follis, this was a currency in the Byzantine Empire. It was introduced as a Roman coin with the monetary reform of Diocletian in 294 AD. It had a diameter between 27 and 30 mm and a weight between 9 and 13 g. When introduced, the follis had a nominal value of 12.5 d.c., which means 12.5 bill denarii. The letter M on the coin means 40, this stands for 40 nummi, another unit of the Byzantines. The other common nominal denominations are half-follis (denoted by a K), quarter-follis (I), and eighth-follis (Y). Next to the capital M is the word Anno and XII, this stands for the year 13. The exact meaning of this year is unclear. Furthermore, under the M is written NIK. NIK stands for the place of minting, this is Nicomedia. Nicomedia was an ancient place in what is now Turkey. The Roman emperor Diocletian built it up to his residence. Besides NIK, CON can be seen on other follis, this most likely stands for Constantinople.

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