Greek metal detector dealer visits OKM Germany

May 03, 2018

Recently we welcomed our longtime distributors Katerina Vardaka and John Karathanasis in our factory in Germany. Both are well known for their reliable cooperation and fair dealings with customers. Beside their business in Athens (Greece) they run another metal detector shop in Sofia (Bulgaria).

OKM's account managers and trainers Mr. Ronald Jung and Mr. Peter Schubert demonstrated and explained the newest OKM detectors like the metal detector Rover C4 and the water detector GeoSeeker. Additionally they were speaking about the most successful Rover UC as well as the improved 3D ground penetrating radar Gepard GPR. Thus our guests Katerina and John learned how easy and customer-friendly the work with OKM's geophysical detectors is.

Throughout a guided tour within OKM's golden pyramid our general manager Ingolf Mueller pointed out the innovative manufacturing technologies and research approaches we use to manufacture our OKM metal detectors. We also mentioned new developments and discussed our successful and customer-oriented cooperation for the coming years.

If you like to contact our distributors in Greece or Bulgaria, simply visit their shops or websites at

Katerina and John will be glad to assist you in finding a suitable OKM detector. They will treat you with professionalism and discretion.

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